Withit started in 2012 as a small, Belgian company, mainly focussed on the  international distribution of televisions. Very soon our customer base and supplier network started to expand, which led to a constantly evolving product range. Today our product portfolio includes brown goods, white goods, small domestic applicances, gaming consoles, toys and fast moving consumer goods from almost every major A-brand manufacturer. Our customers are located all over Europe, even beyond. 

We strongly believe that in order to provide high quality distribution, we have to buy directly from the manufacturers. By doing so, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices and we have access to first hand information about delivery dates, upcoming new products, after sales procedures... We also hold on to treating our suppliers as if it were our customers: respect for commitments made, payment agreements,... 
Because we are in such close contact with our suppliers and visit all major trade shows, we are able to gather relevant maket insights and distinguish emerging and declining product categories. Although we don't sell to end-users, eventually all our products do end up in the hands of a consumer, so we believe it's important to keep our finger on the pulse.